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The Film Industry in Greece: Economic Impact
The scope of this study is to determine the contribution of the film industry to the Greek economy, to analyse the obstacles to foreign film production in Greece and to quantify the potential economic benefits from removing these obstacles....
The contribution of coastal shipping to the Greek economy: Performance and outlook
The scope of the study is to document the contribution of the coastal maritime sector to the Greek economy, considering also the catalytic effects associated with the development of tourism, agriculture and manufacturing in the Greek islands. Additionally, the study examines the main issues related to the utilisation of the sector’s potential....
Evaluation of the Current Taxation Regime for Tobacco Products in Greece
The analysis seeks to examine the fiscal effectiveness of the current taxation regime for tobacco products in Greece, taking into account the impact of tax changes on prices, demand for individual categories of tobacco products and the size of the illicit market. In light of this an estimate is made of the change in tax revenues from tobacco products for the period 2014-2016, both by assuming that the existing tax regime will be retaine...
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The Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE) is a private, non-profit, public-benefit research organisation.
  It was established in 1975 with the dual purpose of promoting research on current problems and prospects of the Greek economy and its sectors and of generating reliable info... Read More  
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  Business and Consumer Surveys
Next report of Business and Consumer Surveys concerning December results, will be released on January 12, 2015...
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